Writing Coach Services (you know you’re curious)

If you hate staring at the blank page or screen, perhaps you need a series of writing prompts to get you going. Maybe you have a great idea for an article, a book, an application essay, a business article, a report, or a blog project, but just can’t seem to get started. Perhaps you have started writing your project, have a few scenes or sections, but could use help organizing and scheduling your project, advice on conducting interviews, and guidance on how to locate possible publication outlets. You are not alone. Many individuals want to write for publication, but feel paralyzed by the daunting process, especially when the only thing staring back is a blank page coupled with a lack of experience.

I help people get published and can help you get started on your project. It starts with a conversation, either on the phone or through email, to discuss your writing project needs and goals. If we agree to work together, you will receive generous, specific, and practical advice, writing tips and prompts, and guidance to help you start (or continue) your journey. Each coaching client has different needs and goals, and I will work with you to set up achievable benchmarks and will hold you accountable, if that is what you want.

A few things to consider before contacting me: A writing coach is a guide and a mentor, not an editor or ghostwriter. The Editing Services page provides more information about this option. As a writing coach, I’m like the best friend you wish you had – energetic, enthusiastic, encouraging, and willing to tell you like it is in order to help you achieve your best writing potential.

Ready to get started? Fill out the contact form below or email Amanda to begin the conversation: amandamorrisphd (at) gmail (dot) com

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