Join Amanda’s Writing Workshop this January

Amanda will be leading the Getting Started with Memoir workshop at the Poetry & Prose Getaway this January 2017 in New Jersey. You have a story to tell and Amanda will teach you how to begin. Sign up today – only six seats left!🙂

Learn more and register here.


Writing workshop in New Jersey
January 13-16, 2017
Led by Amanda Morris

Getting Started with Memoir Workshop NJEverybody has a story to tell. It does not need to be earth-shattering to be compelling; it just needs to be well written. We will start with a “snapshot” of memory—a recalled taste, sound, texture or smell—and learn to make it rich with sensory details, well-chosen words and a clear point of view. After looking at short memoir excerpts, we’ll discuss how these authors create dialogue, move around in time or capture a sense of place. Then we’ll work on exercises designed to tap into our memories, experiences and ideas, practice new storytelling techniques and learn how fictional tools help the memoir writer. As we share our developing stories, we will also discuss how to expand them into publishable pieces.

*Limited to just 10 participants.* 



“Amanda Morris is an excellent teacher in that she gives individual attention and zero’s in on what would help you the most. She packs a lot of information into each class and challenges her students while encouraging them at the same time. This is my second year in her workshop and I feel she advanced my writing.”
~ Susan, Creative Nonfiction Participant, Newtown, PA

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