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Try something new

As today is the first day of the semester at my university, and I will be meeting my first class of students this afternoon, I wanted to honor the idea of the new – new semester, new season, new students, new challenges – with a brief post about trying something new in your writing. If […]

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Releasing the Mental Brakes: Where Ideas Come From

One of the greatest challenges facing any writer is to create original, fresh, compelling prose. But where do these ideas come from? Students often say they don’t know what to write about. Workshop attendees often sit quietly, staring at the blank page or at the wall across the room, willing inspiration to strike. Even when […]

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Purging the blockage

If you’re like me, you have some unresolved issues floating around in your brainpan. These unresolved issues have never been written about in any real or substantial way because family. I have been essentially holding my writer’s tongue for my whole life because of that nagging concern of hurting someone. However, this is the exact […]

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