Rejection, Acceptance, and Opportunity

Yesterday, I received a rejection for a creative nonfiction story that I crafted this summer. It was from a high profile and very competitive journal. But that’s okay. It’s okay because they received over 550 stories in response to their call, and I’m a writer, which means I immediately submitted that same story to four other journals for consideration. Because rejection is part of life as a writer. Remember that.

Last week, I received an acceptance for a creative nonfiction story that I wrote two years ago. My first round of submissions resulted in form rejections, so I went to my writing group for advice, received clarity, made some important and substantial revisions, and then submitted to a new round of journals. That second round of rejections were Golden Ticket Rejections and that gave me hope and confidence that I was almost there. That was last year. I changed the title and submitted it to another round of journals this year. And yesterday, it found a home. I’m a writer, and rejection, revisions, rethinking, and resubmitting are part of the process and the life. Remember that.

Today, I received an acceptance for a creative nonfiction story that I wrote in June. Only three publications have considered it and the third one said yes. That feels good. Because I’m a writer, and sometimes acceptances happen fast. Remember that.


I’ve had some more scholarly public writing published this week, including a post on Teaching Tolerance asking readers to “Reconsider Columbus Day” when teaching this week, and a piece on Bitch Flicks about a terrific Native American film called Imprint that has a strong female lead and a poignant “ghost” story. Because I’m a writer and I’m always seeking out new venues for my work. Remember that.


Finally, I want you to sign up for my Creative Nonfiction Workshop this January in NJ. I know it is the Jersey shore and it is January, but the Stockton Inn is GORGEOUS, comfortable, and has a heated indoor pool, a bar, and good food. All necessary elements for an energizing writing weekend. Sign up with a friend if you can because this experience should be shared! Even if you come alone, you WILL meet so many writers of a like mindset – it’s amazing. I love teaching this workshop and teaching with Murphy Writing of Stockton University. If you are a teacher, you can even get course credit for your professional development! Here’s the actual pitch from the Getaway site and the link when you want to register. Only 10 participants means that you will receive my personal attention to your work. You will improve your skills, gain confidence, and have fun. Treat yourself and register today. Because YOU are a writer, and deserve this trip. 🙂

Writing workshop in New Jersey
January 15-18, 2016
Led by Amanda Morris

Creative Nonfiction Workshop NJCreative nonfiction has been called “the music of what happened” (Blake Morrison) and “the hum of perpetual noticing” (Cynthia Ozick). It starts with writing many small moments—a childhood memory, a dream, an image from the TV news, a funny remark overheard, even a stubbed toe. In this workshop, we’ll do exercises to evoke moments that might become stories. We’ll practice strategies that draw readers in. As we share material generated in class, we’ll look for narrative potential and implicit themes and discuss ways of turning these pieces into larger works such as memoirs, humor essays, travel stories, or contemplative essays.

*Limited to just 10 participants.*


“Amanda Morris is an excellent teacher in that she gives individual attention and zero’s in on what would help you the most. She packs a lot of information into each class and challenges her students while encouraging them at the same time. This is my second year in her workshop and I feel she advanced my writing.”
~ Susan, Creative Nonfiction Participant, Newtown, PA

Click here to register!

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