Seven Texts to Teach Instead of “Ceremony”

I’m over on Teaching Tolerance this week with my suggestions for high school teachers who typically teach Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony. Check it out!

Seven Texts to Teach Instead of “Ceremony”

Also, a quick report on the New Hampshire Writing and Publishing Retreat that just ended yesterday (Friday, August 21, 2015):

I’m so proud of my participants. I love helping writers come out of the shadows and into the light and this week was no different. These folks worked in teams of two to do global and local edits on one piece of prose (either fiction or nonfiction) that they brought with them. I taught them where to find great places to publish their work and how to critically analyze both the journals and the submission guidelines in order to make better and more accurate selections. Finally, I taught them about elevator pitches and cover letters, both of which they practiced, revised, and perfected before submitting their one piece to three different journals that they researched and selected. They hit “SUBMIT” together yesterday morning and we celebrated mightily. As one woman said, “My heart is pounding so hard!” It was an exciting moment as these writers stepped into the publishing pipeline for the first time. These are the moments that make my heart sing as a writing teacher and coach.

Lastly, a heads-up: I will be teaching a basic creative nonfiction writing workshop with Murphy Writing of Stockton University this January in New Jersey. If you want to learn how to write this flexible and exciting genre, as well as have ample time to create new pieces, consider joining me! I will also be available to do one-on-one tutorials if you want some personal help! Click here for more information (registration opens September 4):

Murphy Writing of Stockton University Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway in New Jersey January 2016


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