Writing News to Know (Week of Feb. 9, 2015)

Each week, check this Monday posting for a selection of current calls for submissions, good writing advice from the interwebs, and legit writing job listings. Fear less, do more. And may we all have a productive and successful 2015!

Calls for Submissions

If you are a screenwriter or playwright, this could be a great opportunity if you have the right script! JustA Theater and Production Company is “a new Los Angeles-based company dedicated to fostering and employing diverse and emerging writers and actors.” Here’s the call (which has no deadline listed, but I would submit soon or email and ask for a deadline):

“We are seeking original work for our inaugural 2015 season: three staged play productions and two short films.

Here are our submission guidelines:
  • Characters should primarily range between the ages of 15 and 30.
  • At least two characters must be women.
  • Diverse themes and characters are encouraged.
  • We welcome scripts of varied genres. Feel free to submit plays with elements of absurdism or magic-realism, as well as plays rooted in realism.
  • Staged plays should not exceed 115 pages total.
  • Screenplays should not exceed 15 pages.
Please submit the first 15 pages of your piece to infoATjustatheaterDOTcom.”

Good Advice

Oh business writers…or anyone who writes as part of their job, but doesn’t necessarily consider themselves “a writer.” Maybe you feel compelled to sound like an academic or use jargon and 25 cent words in order to sound professional. Bzzzzz. Wrong. Keep it concise and use plain language. For more good advice on how to write professionally in business situations, check out this short piece from LifeHack:

12 Tips for Better Business Writing

Writing Jobs

Experienced social media writers with some knowledge of the financial industry will want to apply for this one, posted on Jan. 28 (LinkedIn). The job is listed through an agency, but sounds like it has potential. If you’re qualified, go for it!

Social Media Writer position

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