Writing News to Know (Week of Feb. 2, 2015)

Each week, check this Monday posting for a selection of current calls for submissions, good writing advice from the interwebs, and legit writing job listings. Fear less, do more. And may we all have a productive and successful 2015!

Calls for Submissions

If all of my current pieces weren’t under consideration elsewhere, I would submit to this classy and creative journal. Watershed Review, according to its university home site, is “one of the oldest, continuously-published, student-edited literary magazines in the nation, is sponsored by the English Department at California State University, Chico and Instructionally Related Activities, funded by Student Activities fees.” They invite submissions from writers nationwide and their current reading period runs until March 15. Check out the Fall 2014 issue and the submission guidelines for creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry here:

Watershed Review Submission Page

Good Advice

As a writer, you may believe “if I write it, they will come.” Allow me to disabuse you of that notion. Nowadays, the digitally-challenged (or digital-resistant) writers will quickly find themselves without an audience or any editorial interest. Why? Because writers need a platform from which to launch their various works, to build a network and community of people who might actually buy and possibly promote those works, and to show editors, agents, and publishers that you have the ability to connect with your audience in more ways than just via books signings at Barnes & Noble (because that IS NOT going to cut it anymore). So, online presence is not only valuable, but necessary in 2015. I happen to love LinkedIn – I make my Writing for the Workplace students create LinkedIn profiles to assist their future job searches. I will likewise advise you – even if you hate Facebook, don’t understand or like Twitter, and are confused by Pinterest and Instagram, at the very least, get yourself a LinkedIn profile to start building that vital community. This is a great basic article that outlines the benefits and how to set up your profile:

Network: How to Use LinkedIn to Connect to Your Community 

Writing Jobs

I actually know several people who would be qualified for this position. Requires social media savvy, “advanced” writing and editing skills, and “Superior interpersonal and presentation skills and the confidence to coach senior leadership and work effectively on cross-functional teams.” It’s in Birmingham, AL and Hoar Construction looks like a fairly large operation. Could be a terrific opportunity for one of you. Writers deserve to be paid for our skills (and Alabama has a low cost of living and good weather year-round…I know because I lived there for four years), so check out this Internal Communications Manager position:

Internal Communications Manager

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