Midweek Writing Prompt: Inspired by #tbt (12/10/14)

In my classrooms and workshops, I strive to create safe, welcoming writing communities where individuals feel free to explore ideas, stories, and concepts without judgment. After all, we need those spaces to get started. The judgment – of editors, professors, critical friends – will come later. But in the beginning, we need that soft, friendly embrace where anything is possible and everyone loves you. Let’s go there together.

When my schedule allows, I will post writing prompts for you to play with. I encourage you to write something and to share those initial efforts in the comment section, or even your response to the prompt – tell us what happened when you sat down to write. After all, some of these prompts will lead you down a path toward publication – I’ve seen that happen often enough to be confident in that statement.

Give it a try! 🙂


Writing Prompt: Inspired by #tbt

For those not in the know, #tbt stands for “Throwback Thursday,” and is often cited on such social media networks as Facebook on Thursdays when people post old photos of themselves or family and friends. This week’s prompt is inspired by this idea of honoring the past.

First, without thinking too hard or too long, write down your favorite food. I know you have about a hundred, but what’s the first dish that pops into your mind when you read that sentence? Write that food down.

Second, close your eyes and think about that food. Recall all of the juicy sensory details – how it smells, how it is prepared, how it feels in your mouth, how it makes you feel, where you usually eat it.

Finally, think about the happiest experience with that food you’ve ever had. It might have been yesterday or twenty years ago. But it is important that you focus on that one, most memorable, most exciting, most happy moment.

Now write that moment. Bring it to life and make us feel it with you; make us love that food and that first experience with you.

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