Need some editing help?

You’ve completed your masterpiece. An essay. A report. A story. A novel. A thesis. There are lots of documents that might qualify as your masterpiece.

Now it’s time to revise and you feel your sternum seize up, a growing dread from your intestines to the deepest reaches of your brain. Paralysis takes over.

Wait, wait, wait! It doesn’t have to feel this way!

As a published writer in academic, business, and consumer contexts, I know what it takes to get published. I’ve written radio ad copy, web site content, opinion editorials, investigative articles, brochure copy, annual reports, a dissertation, academic articles, creative nonfiction, and much more, all published and shared in some way. Revision and editing are the only way forward, but you are not alone.

I can help.

Yes, my editing services cost money, as all professional services do, but I am also willing to work partially for trade, so if you have a business and a service or product to trade, let’s talk. If you are a fellow writer in need of an experienced eye-o-meter to whip your masterpiece into shape, give me a try and we’ll make that story shine. If you are a high school or college student working on an application essay for a scholarship or program, contact me or have your parents contact me. Business people working on drafts of reports for picky bosses will also appreciate my keen editor’s eye. If you can write it, I can edit and help you revise.

Email Amanda today to start the conversation: amandamorrisphd (at) gmail (dot) com  or complete the contact form below.

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