The value of contemplation

When’s the last time you sat down somewhere and just thought? No distractions, no smart phone, no computer, no kids, no pets, no TV, no music, just you sitting in a space somewhere thinking?

There is great value in such moments and it is worth making an effort to claim that space and time for yourself.

Moments of contemplation allow your mind to calm, slow down, meander. And in that meandering, without you pushing it, your mind will start making connections, start creating images and ideas, and might even provide an answer for a question that’s been bugging you for awhile.

I hear the excuses flying at me: But I have no time! I’ve got kids! I work all the time! I’m too busy!


You’re too busy to carve out a few moments of solitude and contemplation because you choose not to. Having a family is both a choice and an obligation, but you are not shackled to them or their every need. Having a demanding career is likewise a choice and you are not shackled to that either. If writing is really important to you, if it is the thing that you must do, then you will find a way to make the time.

Lots of my friends and colleagues have families, demanding jobs, and time-consuming responsibilities. And the ones who consider themselves writers? They find a way to make the time. Even if it’s just fifteen minutes a week. They pay themselves with time first and they find a way.

If you are truly serious about being a writer, you’ll find a way, too.

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